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le lundi 24 juin à 11h

Will Fox (University of New Hampshire) - Magnetic reconnection and laboratory astrophysics experiments with laser-produced plasmas

Lieu : Palaiseau salle 00-10-04 (salle de reunion de l’ex-LIX, aile 0)

Abstract : In this talk I will present results from our efforts to study astrophysical plasma physics using high-energy-density, laser-produced plasmas, studied on inertial-fusion class laser facilities. These facilities produce highly interesting plasma, hot enough to access low-dissipation plasma regimes, dense enough to be well-described by magnetohydrodynamics, and with strong, supersonic flows. They are therefore interesting for study of a number of astrophysically-relevant phenomena, such as shocks, jets, and magnetic reconnection. In this talk I will present experimental and computational results for two topics, magnetic reconnection and the Weibel instability, both observed in laser-produced plasmas. Magnetic reconnection releases stored magnetic energy by reconfiguring magnetic field lines, releasing the energy which powers some of the most dramatic and explosive events in the solar system, such as solar flares and magnetospheric substorms. The Weibel instability generates magnetic field in initially unmagnetized plasmas, driven by counterstreaming particle flows, and has been proposed to be a key ingredient for forming collisionless shocks in astrophysical explosions such as supernova remnants and gamma ray bursts.

Tutelles : CNRS Ecole Polytechnique Sorbonne Université Université Paris Sud Observatoire de Paris Convention : CEA
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