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Science Festival 2023

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This year the French Ministry of Higher Education and Research has decided to dedicate the 32nd edition of the Science Festival to the theme "Sport&Science" to honor physical activity and the major sporting events of 2023-2024, such as the Rugby World Cup, the Women’s Football World Cup and the Paris 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games.

The LPP has once again joined in with the event, offering a wide variety of fun and interactive activities at Sorbonne Université from October 12 to 15, and at Ecole Polytechnique on October 13 and 14.

On the Sorbonne University site, the LPP took part in the Plas@Par federation’s activities. Workshops, shows, games and discussions enabled the general public to discover and rediscover plasmas and their many applications. The "Mission Plasma" video game, the new activity in this year’s program, was a big hit with school classes and families alike.

On the Ecole Polytechnique campus, the LPP was also involved in a rich and original program of events, coordinated by the EUR PLASMAScience, which brings together 7 plasma laboratories and teams from the IP Paris. Over 20 researchers, engineers, PhD students and students were on hand to explain plasma physics research activities.

In the “Grand Hall de l’X”, the joint EUR booth “Plasma in all its states” offered activities around three main themes : plasma and energy, plasma and space, plasma and society. This year the Planeterrella recently designed at LPP was presented for the first time. The origins of this experiment for understanding the polar aurora date back to the 19th century. Invented by Norwegian physicist Kristian Birkeland and developed between 1896 and 1917, the experiment, originally called the Terella, has since been rethought, revised and completed by several scientists. Now called Planeterrella, it simulates interactions between stars and planets.

This year, the LPP also offered the laboratory visits entitled "Plasma in all senses". This is a "5 senses" discovery visit (smell, see, hear, touch and taste plasma). This fun and educational tour is always a big hit with the public, enabling participants to see the invisible, hear the inaudible, touch the impalpable, smell the elusive and taste the impossible !

Also new to the 2023 program at Palaiseau was the contemporary dance performance "Bam ! Charge", a short art & science piece combining movement, spoken voice, plasma physics and artificial intelligence. This artistic creation, written by Plas@par researchers in collaboration with dancer and choreographer Mairi Pardalaki in 2020, has been presented every year since then at Sorbonne Université’s Fête de la Science, with the participation of José Miguel Fernandez (Ircam), composer of instrumental, electroacoustic and mixed music. In "Bam ! Charge", the dancers (researcher-performers) create music in real time using sensors worn on their hands. The sensors record movements and transmit them to the computer, which translates them into sound. This year, for the first time, the Palaiseau public was able to enjoy the show thanks to EUR PLASMAScience. Visitors were delighted to take part in the dance workshop (learning an extract from the performance with the choreographer, dancing with sensors etc.).

Last but not least, this year the LPP, as one of the initiators of "Biosphère", a collective, sustainable and eco-responsible project involving 8 laboratories working around the patio, was also involved in organizing “surprise visits” of the patio. During these visits, the public had the opportunity to discover the "Biosphère" project, explore the shared garden, watch a dance performance presented in the patio’s greenery, and visit the temporary open-air photo exhibition “Fantastic plants”, created by members of "Biosphère" with the participation of the Centre polymédia de l’X. In addition to showcasing the research carried out in the laboratories, the exhibition, combining scientific photos and images of the plant world, aimed to bring nature and science closer together by drawing a parallel between the beauty of nature and the beauty of science, reminding us that nature is a source of inspiration for science, and demonstrating that nature and science form a whole.

Thank you to everyone involved in organizing the Fête de la science 2023 !

Contacts : Tatiana Juresic (EUR PLASMAScience) et Léa Cossin (Fédération Plas@Par)

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