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Nuit des Chercheurs 28th of September 2012

On Friday 28th of September, the LPP will take part in the 7th edition of “researchers night” (la 7ème nuit des chercheurs) on the campus of Ecole Polytechnique in Palaiseau. This event aims at discovering and promoting the researchers career to the public eye. Researchers, engineers, post-docs and PhD students will present their work in the morning and in the afternoon to elementary and secondary school students. The presentations will proceed in the evening for the public starting 6pm until midnight. For more information, see the following link :

The LPP will present its different branches of research through fun experiments and visuals that will enable the audience to understand the implication of plasmas in our everyday life as well as in the universe.

The Space Plasma team studies through in situ measurements via satellites the planetary magnetospheres and their interaction with magnetic wind, that lead to, for example, auroras. The team will present :
- Continuous and alternative magnetic field measurements with sensors (Hall effect, searchcoil, etc.)
- An electron deviation experiment through a magnetic field induced by Helmholtz coils
- The formation of aurorae borealis (the “Terrella”) : an air plasma confined in glass chamber will be deviated through magnetic fields as in the terrestrial ionosphere.

The non thermal plasma team will show the issues and applications of low temperature plasmas in areas such as energy saving bulbs, surface/air treatment, etching of microprocessors or spatial thrusters. The team will present :
- A water treatment module such as those used a century ago for sink water sterilization, illustrated by the discoloration of methylene blue and other non toxic liquid colorants
- A plasma loudspeaker that shows the possibility to create mechanical waves from an atmospheric plasma between two electrodes
- Energy transfer by induction used for the creation and the sustainability of plasmas (spatial thrusters, plasma etching reactors, etc.)

The Magnetic Fusion Plasma team works on the creation of “clean” energy with nuclear fusion reactor ITER.

The three themes will be supported by posters and animations that will promote the understanding of the different phenomena taking place.

Tutelles : CNRS Ecole Polytechnique Sorbonne Université Université Paris Sud Observatoire de Paris Convention : CEA
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