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Le vendredi 4 avril à 15h

Marilia SAMARA (Southwest Research Institute (SwRI), San Antonio, TX) - Why do we shoot rockets at the aurora ?

Lieu  : Palaiseau, salle de conférences de l’aile 0 (exLIX)

Abstract  :
The aurora---or colloquially known as the northern lights---is a visually captivating manifestation of energy and momentum transfer within the near-Earth space environment. The plasma---charged particles and magnetic field---that emanates from the sun is the ultimate energy source for causing the aurora, but there are many processes that occur in the space around Earth, called the magnetosphere, that can energize and funnel these particles toward the polar regions. The structures and temporal changes that we observe in the aurora can be used to gain information about what happened to the plasma on it’s way into Earth’s atmosphere. Sounding rockets are an excellent vehicle for studying the aurora because they can get instruments above it to measure the electrons and electric fields that are responsible for driving it. In addition, it is also possible to launch a rocket when and where you want, such that one can observe the aurora from underneath and launch into a specific auroral display. The GREECE sounding rocket mission did just that, and preliminary results from that mission will be presented in this context. This type of experiment presents certain challenges and some of the particulars of what launching such rockets involves will also be discussed.

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