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Accueil > Séminaires et conférences > Séminaires, soutenances de thèses et HDR précédents > 2012 > Séminaires 2012 > Le vendredi 14 septembre à 10h30

Le vendredi 14 septembre à 10h30

Francisco Suzuki-Vidal (Plasma Physics Group, Blackett Laboratory, Imperial College London) - LABORATORY PLASMA ASTROPHYSICS EXPERIMENTS USING PULSED-POWER AT IMPERIAL

Lieu  : Palaiseau, salle de réunion du LIX

Laboratory plasma astrophysics is a novel approach to study different
types of astrophysical phenomena by the means of carefully scaled
laboratory experiments. This is possible under a series of constraints in
the dimensionless parameters that characterise the plasma, both in the
laboratory and the astrophysical system (e.g. similar Mach, Reynolds and
Peclet numbers). At Imperial College London we can produce such plasmas by
using the 1.5 MA, 250 ns current from the MAGPIE pulsed-power generator.
By varying the experimental geometry it is possible to study a variety of
astrophysical phenomena, for instance, the dynamics of supersonic jets
emerging from young stars, the formation of convergent shocks, and lately
experiments aimed at producing rotating flows to study differentially
rotating discs.

I will introduce the main experiments relevant to the study of
protostellar jets, including their launching mechanism due to strong
toroidal magnetic fields, and the formation of shocks from the interaction
of such jets with the interstellar medium. Experimental results from
different diagnostics will be presented together with numerical
simulations using the 3-D, MHD code GORGON.

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