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Le lundi 21 mars 2011 à 15h

Anatoli PETRUKOVICH (Space Research Institute de Moscou)- Embedded current sheet in the Earth’s magnetotail

Saint-Maur (salle de réunion)

With Cluster project observations it is possible to directly detect thin current sheets in the Earth’s magnetotail, in particular during growth phase and after substorm onsets. Thin sheets are usually embedded in a thicker plasma sheet. In this investigation we introduce and discuss quantitative parameters of a thin current sheet embedded in the background plasma sheet. We use Cluster statistics, empiric model, as well as self-consistent simulation to understand formation and development
of embedding, in particular in the course of substorms. Current sheet embedding is quantified as the ratio of the magnitudes of magnetic field at the thin current sheet boundary and lobe. This ratio is found to be 0.4 on average. Embedded sheet thickness is of the order of proton larmor radius. The proton population consists of the background plasma and the current-carrying particles with density 10-20 % of the total density. This current-carrying distribution is found to have a half-ring structure in the (vx ; vy) plane in consistency with the theory of "Speiser" particles motion. The drift of background plasma weakens total proton current density due to a proper electric field of a thin current sheet.

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