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Le jeudi 9 novembre à 10h30

Séminaire généraliste du LPP, jeudi 9 novembre,
Salle de réunion aile 0, RdC.

10h30 : accueil café

11h00 : Séminaire :

"Numerical simulations of fusion plasmas, with gyrokinetic particle-in-cell code ORB5".

Alessandro Biancalani

A comprehensive theoretical understanding of the conditions for plasma stability in magnetic confinement devices, is a key step for reaching controlled nuclear fusion. Due to the strong magnetic field present in the plasma, the fast gyro-motion of the charged particles around the magnetic field lines can be decoupled by the slower motion of the gyro-centers, and therefore a gyrokinetic (GK) model can be used for the investigation of low frequency instabilities. Particle in cell (PIC) techniques are adopted for solving the gyrokinetic equations in many codes, with the advantage of resolving the resonances of the instabilities and the particles without needing a fine grid in velocity space. As a drawback, a statistical noise present in the Monte Carlo technique must be mitigated with appropriate methods. In this talk, a basic introduction to the GK PIC technique is described, taking as an example of the global nonlinear code ORB5. The application to a selection of problems is described, and a comparison with other codes is done.

Tutelles : CNRS Ecole Polytechnique Sorbonne Université Université Paris Sud Observatoire de Paris Convention : CEA
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