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Accueil > Séminaires & Soutenances > Séminaires, soutenances de thèses et HDR précédents > 2009 > Séminaires 2009 > Le mercredi 11 mars à 11 heures

Le mercredi 11 mars à 11 heures

Manabu Yagi (Université de Nagoya)

le mercredi 11 mars à 11h

Saint-Maur salle de réunion

Heavy ion dynamics in Mercury’s magnetosphere

From the observations by Mariner 10 and Messenger, it has been suggested tha
t the Mercury’s magnetosphere might be an analogous to the Earth’s magneto
sphere. The temporal and spatial scales of the Mercury’s magnetosphere are
much smaller than those in the Earth’s magnetosphere. In such cases, it sho
uld be pointed out that the kinetic effects of plasma might not be negligibl
e because of a large gyro-radius of heavy ions. Statistical trajectory traci
ng of test particles is an important scheme to investigate the kinetic effec
ts of particles. Though this approach is efficient to see the dynamics of he
avy ions, resultant properties largely depend on the field models used. Ther
efore, it is important to examine the particle motion in the realistic field
configuration. In this study, we examined a statistical trajectory tracing
of the heavy ions on the field obtained by Global MHD simulation of the Merc
ury’s magnetosphere. Initial result shows the different distribution from t
he result of MHD in some parts. In this presentation, I will discuss the dif
ference between the result of MHD simulation and test particle simulation.

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