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The Cluster mission is made of four spacecraft in tetrahedral configuration (see ESA page). Each spacecraft has onboard search-coil magnetometer, called STAFF for Spatio-Temporal Analysis of Field Fluctuation.

 LPP team :

Scientists  : P. Canu (PI), N. Cornilleau-Wehrlin (former PI), G. Belmont, G. Chanteur, A. Retino, L. Rezeau, A. Roux, F. Sahraoui
Computer scientists : V. Bouzid, R. Piberne, P. Robert, R. Katra

 Some important publications :

  • Cornilleau-Wehrlin N., Chauveau P., Louis S., Meyer A., Nappa J.M., Perraut S., Rezeau L., Robert P., Roux A., de Villedary C., de Conchy Y., Friel., Harvey C.C., Hubert, D., Lacombe C., Manning R., Wouters F., Lefeuvre F., Parrot M., Pinçon J.L., Poirier B., Kofman W., Louarn Ph., CLUSTER Spatio-Temporal Analysis of Field Fluctuations (STAFF) Experiment, Space Sci. Rev., 79, (1-2), 107-136, 1997.

List all publications using STAFF data

 Description of the STAFF search-coils

The AC magnetometer is made of 3 antennas (27 cm long) inside a thermal protection which smoothes the thermal variations without perturbing the measurements of the magnetic field. The antennas are at the end of a 5 meters boom to prevent it from measuring the noise produced by the spacecraft and by the other instruments.

BMP - 1.6 Mo

Image : artist view showing the boom on which the STAFF experiment is mounted (down on the right), Source ESA.

Noise Equivalent Magnetic Induction (NEMI) of the STAFF search-coils

The NEMI curve is obtained by measuring the output noise of the instrument in a quiet environment (Magnetic Observatory of Chambon-la-Forêt). Dividing it by the output noise of the instrument transfer function yields the magnetic field noise curve which gives an idea of measurable magnetic fields (in a standard frequency band 1Hz ) .

JPEG - 82.8 ko

Technical properties of the instrument

Search coil magnetometer of CLUSTER
Sensitivity at 10Hz 0.5pT\sqrt{Hz}
Sensitivity at 100Hz 0.05pT\sqrt{Hz}
Sensitivity at 1kHz 0.012pT\sqrt{Hz}
Length of sensor 27 cm
Mass of 1 sensor (before coating) 120 g (/sensor)
Mass of the tri-axis (3 coated sensor + support) around 1 kg
Mass of the electronics 250 g
Electric power 100 mW

More details about magnetic search-coils can be found here.

 STAFF databases

LPP database STAFF-SC
LPP database STAFF-SA

LESIA STAFF/SA database :

LESIA STAFF/SA other data products

All data are available from the ESA Cluster Science Archive

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