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Publications de l’équipe Théorie des plasmas thermo-nucléaires et naturels (2009-2011)

 Publications dans des revues à comité de lecture


  • Alpha particle redistribution due to experimentally reconstructed
    internal kink modes
    , Farengo R., Ferrari H., Firpo M.-C., Garcia-Martinez P. L., Lifschitz A. F., Plasma Physics and Controlled Fusion 54, 025007 (2012).
  • Modifying locally the safety profile to improve the confinement
    of magnetic field lines in tokamak plasmas
    , Constantinescu D. et Firpo M.-C., to appear in Nuclear Fusion (March 2012).
  • On the dispersion features of whistler waves in
    almost pure ion plasmas
    , Lundin B., Krafft C., Physics of Plasmas 18, 102114 (2011).
  • Stochastic treatment of finite-N effects in mean-field systems and its application to the lifetimes of coherent structures, Ettoumi W. et Firpo M.-C., Rapid Communication in Physical Review E 84, 030103 ( R ) (2011).
  • Linear theory and violent relaxation in long-range systems : a
    test case
    , Ettoumi W. et Firpo M.-C., Journal of Physics A : Mathematical and Theoretical 44, 175002 (2011).
  • Study of the magnetic reconnection during the sawtooth instability, Constantinescu D., Firpo M.-C., Negrea M., Petrisor I. et Lalescu C.C., Romanian Journal of Physics 56, Suppl. 1, 163-167 (2011).
  • Whistler eigenmodes of magnetic flux tubes in a magnetoplasma, Kudrin A., Bakharev P., Zaboronkova T. et Krafft C., Plasma Physics and Controlled Fusion 53, Issue 6, 065005 (2011).
  • Study of the interplay between magnetic shear and resonances using Hamiltonian models for the magnetic field lines, Firpo M.-C. et Constantinescu D., Physics of Plasmas 18, 032506 (2011).
  • Out-of-equilibrium phase transitions and time-asymptotic one-particle dynamics in the Vlasov limit of the Hamiltonian Mean Field model, Firpo M.-C., Transport Theory and Statistical Physics 39, Issue 5, 370-386 (2011).


  • Fast electron energy deposition in a magnetized plasma : Kinetic theory and particle-in-cell simulation,
    Robiche J., Rax J.-M., Bonnaud G. et Gremillet L.,
    Physics of Plasmas 17, 033106 (2010).
  • Whistler radiation in plasmas with cylindrical magnetic field irregularities, Krafft C et Zaboronkova T.M., Journal of Plasma Physics 76, 193-207 (2010).
  • Neutral-gas depletion and repletion in plasmas, Fruchtman A. et Rax J.-M., Physics of Plasmas 17, 043502 (2010).
  • Laboratory modelling of electron beam interaction with magnetoactive plasmas, Starodubtsev M. et Krafft C., Izvestia VUZov Radiofizika, Radiophysics, 53(7), 445 (2010).
  • Nonlinear dynamics of resonant interactions between wave packets and particle distributions with loss-cone-like structures, Krafft C., Volokitin A. et Zaslavsky A., Physical Review E 82, 066402 (2010).
  • Nonlinear fan instability of electromagnetic waves, Krafft C. et Volokitin A., Physics of Plasmas 17, 102303 (2010).
  • Whistler waves guided by density depletion ducts in magnetoplasmas, Bakharev P.V., Zaboronkova T.M., Kudrin A.V. et Krafft C., Plasma Physics Reports 36 (11), 919 (2010).
  • Determination of the averaged charge-to-mass ratio of the heavy charged constituents of a magnetoplasma using whistler wave measurements, Krafft C. et Lundin B., Annales Geophysicae 28, 2237–2247 (2010).
  • Laboratory modelling of the interaction of electron beams with a magnetoplasma, Starodubtsev M. et Krafft C., Radiophysics and Quantum Electronics 53, 401 (2010).


  • On the minimal set of plasma parameters to determine the dispersion law of electron whistler waves, Lundin B. et Krafft C., Plasma Physics Reports 35, 502-509 (2009).
  • Whistler wave radiation from a loop antenna located in a cylindrical density depletion, Kudrin A.V., Bakharev P.V., Krafft C., et Zaboronkova T.M., Physics of Plasmas 16, 063502 (2009).
  • On the electron whistler dispersion law in a cold plasma with light ions and heavy charged particulates, Lundin B.V. et Krafft C., Physics of Plasmas 16, 052104 (2009).
  • « TORE SUPRA team members 1988-2008 », Abgrall R., Achard M.H., Adam J., et al., Fusion Science and Technology 56, 1453-1454 (2009).
  • Unveiling the nature of out-of-equilibrium phase transitions in a system with long-range interactions, Firpo M.-C., Europhysics Letters 88, 30010 (2009).
  • Enhanced confinement with increased extent of the low magnetic shear region in tokamak plasmas, Nasi L. et Firpo M.-C. , Plasma Physics and Controlled Fusion 51, 045006 (2009).

 Conférences invitées


  • T. Zaboronkova, A. Kudrin, A. Zaitseva, C. Krafft, Electrodynamic
    characteristics of a strip loop antenna located on the surface of a
    gyrotropic cylinder
    , Day on Diffraction, Saint Petersbourg, Russie, 2011.
  • Volokitin A., Krafft C., Interaction of suprathermal particles
    fluxes with waves in magnetized plasmas
    , UK-Ukraine Meeting on Solar Physics and Space Science, Alushta, Ukraine, Septembre 2011.
  • M.-C. Firpo, D. Constantinescu, Interplay of magnetic shear and resonances in magnetic fusion devices (Invited Paper), 2011 SIAM Conference on Dynamical Systems, Session on Nontwist Hamiltonian Systems : Theory and Applications, 22 - 26 May 2011, Snowbird, Utah, USA.
  • W. Ettoumi, M.-C. Firpo, Workshop on Long-Range Interacting Systems, ENS Lyon , 17-19 october (2011) (invited).

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