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All publications of LPP

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Journal article (peer-reviewed)

Judée F., Vaquero J., Guégan S., Fouassier L., Dufour T., Atmospheric pressure plasma jets applied to cancerology: correlating electrical configuration with in vivo toxicity and therapeutic efficiency, Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics 52 (24) 245201 (2019)

Krafft C., Volokitin A. S., Gauthier G., Turbulence and Microprocesses in Inhomogeneous Solar Wind Plasmas, Fluids 4 (2) 69 (2019)

Lottigier P., Jucha A., Cabaret L., Blondel C., Drag C., Single-mode scannable nanosecond Ti:sapphire laser for high-resolution two-photon absorption laser-induced fluorescence (TALIF), Applied Physics B: Lasers and Optics 125 (1) 14 (2019)

Lucken R., Bourdon A., Lieberman M., Chabert P., Instability-enhanced transport in low temperature magnetized plasma, Physics of Plasmas 26 070702 (2019)

Lucken R., Tavant A., Bourdon A., Lieberman Mike A., Chabert P., Saturation of the magnetic confinement in weakly ionized plasma, Plasma Sources Science and Technology (2019)

Lucken R., Giolito D., Collision risk prediction for constellation design, Acta Astronautica 161 492-501 (2019)

Huang S. Y., Jiang K., Yuan Z., Zhou M., Sahraoui F., Fu H., Deng X. H., Khotyaintsev Y. V., Yu X. D., He L. H., Deng D., Pollock C. J., Torbert R. B., Burch J. L., Observations of Flux Ropes With Strong Energy Dissipation in the Magnetotail, Geophysical Research Letters 46 (2) 580-589 (2019)

Kilpua E. K. J., Fontaine D., Moissard C., Ala‐Lahti M., Palmerio E., Yordanova E., Good S. W., Kalliokoski M. M. H., Lumme E., Osmane A., Palmroth M., Turc L., Solar Wind Properties and Geospace Impact of Coronal Mass Ejection‐Driven Sheath Regions: Variation and Driver Dependence, Space Weather 17 (8) 1257-1280 (2019)

Labit B., Eich T., Harrer G., Wolfrum E., Bernert M., Dunne M., Frassinetti L., Hennequin P., Maurizio R., Merle A., Meyer H., Saarelma S., Sheikh U., EUROfusion MST1 Team T., Dependence on plasma shape and plasma fueling for small edge-localized mode regimes in {TCV} and {ASDEX} Upgrade, Nuclear Fusion 59 (8) 086020 (2019)

Liu Y. Y., Fu H., Olshevsky V., Pontin D. I., Liu C. M., Wang Z., Chen G., Dai L., Retinò A., SOTE: A Nonlinear Method for Magnetic Topology Reconstruction in Space Plasmas, The Astrophysical Journal 244 (2) 31 (2019)
Référence ADS : 2019ApJS..244...31L


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