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All publications of LPP

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Journal article (peer-reviewed)

Booth J.-P., Guaitella O., Chatterjee A., Drag C., Guerra V., Lopaev D., Zyryanov S., Rakhimova T., Voloshin D., Mankelevich Y., Oxygen (3P) atom recombination on a Pyrex surface in an O2 plasma, Plasma Sources Science and Technology 28 (5) 055005 (2019)

Breuillard H., Henri P., Bucciantini L., Volwerk M., Karlsson T., Eriksson A., Johansson F. L., Odelstad E., Richter I., Goetz C., Vallières X., Hajra R., Properties of the singing comet waves in the 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko plasma environment as observed by the Rosetta mission, Astronomy and Astrophysics 630 A39 (2019)

Charoy T., Boeuf J.-P., Bourdon A., Carlsson J., Chabert P., Cuenot B., Eremin D., Garrigues L., Hara K., Kaganovich I. D., Powis T., Smolyakov A., Sydorenko D., Tavant A., Vermorel O., Villafana W., 2D axial-azimuthal Particle-In-Cell benchmark for low-temperature partially magnetized plasmas, Plasma Sources Science and Technology 28 105010 (2019)

Chng T. L., Brisset A., Jeanney P., Starikovskaia S., Adamovich I., Tardiveau P., Electric field evolution in a diffuse ionization wave nanosecond pulse discharge in atmospheric pressure air, Plasma Sources Science and Technology 28 (9) 09LT02 (2019)

Angelopoulos V., Cruce P., Drozdov A., Grimes E. W., Hatzigeorgiu N., King D. A., Larson D. E., Lewis J. W., McTiernan J. M., Roberts D. A., Russell C. L., Hori T., Kasahara Y., Kumamoto A., Matsuoka A., Miyashita Y., Miyoshi Y., Shinohara I., Teramoto M., Faden J. B., Halford A. J., McCarthy M., Millan R. M., Sample J. G., Smith D. M., Woodger L. A., Masson A., Narock A. A., Asamura K., Chang T. F., Chiang C.-Y., Kazama Y., Keika K., Matsuda S., Segawa T., Seki K., Shoji M., Tam S. W. Y., Umemura N., Wang B.-J., Wang S.-Y., Redmon R., Rodriguez J. V., Singer H. J., Vandegriff J., Abe S., Nose M., Shinbori A., Tanaka Y.-M., UeNo S., Andersson L., Dunn P., Fowler C., Halekas J. S., Hara T., Harada Y., Lee C. O., Lillis R., Mitchell D. L., Argall M. R., Bromund K., Burch J. L., Cohen I. J., Galloy M., Giles B. L., Jaynes A. N., Le Contel O., Oka M., Phan T. D., Walsh B. M., Westlake J., Wilder F. D., Bale S. D., Livi R., Pulupa M., Whittlesey P., DeWolfe A., Harter B., Lucas E., Auster U., Bonnell J. W., Cully C. M., Donovan E., Ergun R. E., Frey H. U., Jackel B., Keiling A., Korth H., McFadden J. P., Nishimura Y., Plaschke F., Robert P., Turner D. L., Weygand J. M., Candey R. M., Johnson R. C., Kovalick T., Liu M. H., McGuire R. E., Breneman A., Kersten K., Schroeder P., The Space Physics Environment Data Analysis System (SPEDAS), Space Science Reviews 215 9, 46p (2019)
Référence ADS : 2019SSRv..215....9A

Bresteau D., Drag C., Blondel C., Electron affinity of lead, Journal of Physics B: Atomic, Molecular and Optical Physics 52 065001 (2019)

Burch J. L., Dokgo K., Hwang K.-J., Torbert R. B., Graham D. B., Webster J. M., Ergun R. E., Giles B. L., Allen R. C., Chen L.-J., Wang S., Genestreti K. J., Russell C. T., Strangeway R. J., Le Contel O., High-Frequency Wave Generation in Magnetotail Reconnection: Linear Dispersion Analysis, Geophysical Research Letters 46 (8) 4089-4097 (2019)
Référence ADS : 2019GeoRL..46.4089B

Chen Z. Z., Fu H., Liu C. M., Wang T. Y., Ergun R. E., Cozzani G., Huang S. Y., Khotyaintsev Y. V., Le Contel O., Giles B. L., Burch J. L., Electron-Driven Dissipation in a Tailward Flow Burst, Geophysical Research Letters 46 (11) 5698-5706 (2019)
Référence ADS : 2019GeoRL..46.5698C

Chen L.-J., Wang S., Hesse M., Ergun R. E., Moore T. E., Giles B. L., Bessho N., Russell C. T., Burch J. L., Torbert R. B., Genestreti K. J., Paterson W. R., Pollock C., Lavraud B., Le Contel O., Strangeway R. J., Khotyaintsev Y. V., Lindqvist P.-A., Electron Diffusion Regions in Magnetotail Reconnection Under Varying Guide Fields, Geophysical Research Letters 46 (12) 6230-6238 (2019)
Référence ADS : 2019GeoRL..46.6230C

Coda S., For the .., TCV Team .., Alberti S., Allan S., Allcock J., Ambrosino R., Anand H., Arnichand H., Others .., Hennequin P., Vermare L., Others .., Physics research on the {TCV} tokamak facility: from conventional to alternative scenarios and beyond, Nuclear Fusion 59 (11) 112023 (2019)


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