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All publications of LPP

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Journal article (peer-reviewed)

Amory-Mazaudier C., Bolaji O., Doumbia V., On the historical origins of the CEJ, DP2 and Ddyn current systems and their roles in the predictions of ionospheric responses to geomagnetic storms at equatorial latitudes, Journal of Geophysical Research Space Physics 122 (7) 7827-7833 (2017)

Amory-Mazaudier C., Fleury R., Gadimova S., Touzani A., Space Weather, from the Sun to the Earth, the key role of GNSS, Coordinates 13 (2) (2017)

Amory-Mazaudier C., Fleury R., Gadimova S., Touzani A., Space Weather, from the Sun to the Earth, the key role of GNSS. Part II: Training on daily Global Positioning System (GPS) data, Coordinates 13 (3) 31-36 (2017)

Amory-Mazaudier C., Menvielle M., Curto J.-J., Le Huy M., Recent Advances in Atmospheric, Solar-Terrestrial and Space Weather from a North-South network of Scientists [2006-2016] PART A : TUTORIAL, Sun and Geosphere 12 (3) 1-19 (2017)
Référence ADS : 2017SunGe..12S...1A

Amory-Mazaudier C., Fleury R., Petitdidier M., Soula S., Masson F., Davila J., Doherty P., Elias A., Gadimova S., Makela J., Nava B., Radicella S., Richardson J. D., Touzani A., Girgea T., Recent Advances in Atmospheric, Solar-Terrestrial Physics and Space Weather From a North-South network of Scientists [2006-2016] Part B : Results and Capacity building, Sun and Geosphere 12 (3) 21-69 (2017)
Référence ADS : 2017SunGe..12S..21A

Andrés N., Sahraoui F., Alternative derivation of exact law for compressible and isothermal magnetohydrodynamics turbulence, Physical Review E 96 053205 (2017)
Référence ADS : 2017PhRvE..96e3205A

Andrés N., Clark di Leoni P., Mininni P. D., Dmitruk P., Sahraoui F., Matthaeus W. H., Interplay between Alfvén and magnetosonic waves in compressible magnetohydrodynamics turbulence, Physics of Plasmas 24 102314 (2017)
Référence ADS : 2017PhPl...24j2314A

Berionni V., Morel P., Gürcan Ö. D., Multi-shell transport model for L-H transition, Physics of Plasmas 24 (12) 122310 (2017)

Adamovich I., Baalrud S. D., Bogaerts A., Bruggeman P. J., Cappelli M., Colombo V., Czarnetzki U., Ebert U., Eden J. G., Favia P., Graves D. B., Hamaguchi S., Hieftje G., Hori M., Kaganovich I. D., Kortshagen U., Kushner M., Mason N. J., Mazouffre S., Mededovic Thagard S., Metelmann H.-R., Mizuno A., Moreau E., Murphy A. B., Niemira B. A., Oehrlein G. S., Petrovic Z. L., Pitchford L. C., Pu Y.-K., Rauf S., Sakai O., Samukawa S., Starikovskaia S., Tennyson J., Terashima K., Turner M., Van de Sanden M. C. M., Vardelle A., The 2017 Plasma Roadmap: Low temperature plasma science and technology, Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics 50 323001 (46pp) (2017)

Banerjee S., Galtier S., An alternative formulation for exact scaling relations in hydrodynamic and magnetohydrodynamic turbulence, Journal of Physics A Mathematical General 50 015501 (2017)
Référence ADS : 2017JPhA...50a5501B


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- AP : Other publication.
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