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All publications of LPP

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Journal article (peer-reviewed)

Andrés N., Galtier S., Sahraoui F., Exact scaling laws for helical three-dimensional two-fluid turbulent plasmas, Physical Review E 94 063206 (2016)
Référence ADS : 2016PhRvE..94f3206A

Arantchouk L., Honnorat B., Thouin E., Point G., Mysyrowicz A., Houard A., Prolongation of the lifetime of guided discharges triggered in atmospheric air by femtosecond laser filaments up to 130 μs, Applied Physics Letters 108 173501 (2016)

Aunai N., Hesse M., Lavraud B., Dargent J., Smets R., Orientation of the X-line in asymmetric magnetic reconnection, Journal of Plasma Physics 82 (4) 535820401 (2016)
Référence ADS : 2016JPlPh..82d5301A

Azzouzi I., Migoya-Orue Y. O., Coisson P., Amory-Mazaudier C., Fleury R., Radicella S., Day-to-day variability of VTEC and ROTI in October 2012 with impact of high-speed solar wind stream on 13 October 2012, Sun and Geosphere 11 (1) 07-22 (2016)
Référence ADS : 2016SunGe..11....7A

Banerjee S., Hadid L. Z., Sahraoui F., Galtier S., Scaling of Compressible Magnetohydrodynamic Turbulence in the Fast Solar Wind, The Astrophysical Journal Letters 829 (2) L27 (2016)
Référence ADS : 2016ApJ...829L..27B

Aleiferis S., Tarvainen O., Svarnas P., Bacal M., Béchu S., Experimental investigation of the relation between H− negative ion density and Lyman-α emission intensity in a microwave discharge, Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics 49 (09) 095203 (7pp) (2016)

Alexandrova A., Nakamura R., Panov E. V., Sasunov Y. L., Nakamura T. K. M., Vörös Z., Retinò A., Semenov V. S., Two interacting X lines in magnetotail: Evolution of collision between the counterstreaming jets, Geophysical Research Letters 43 (15) 7795-7803 (2016)
Référence ADS : 2016GeoRL..43.7795A

Anad F., Amory-Mazaudier C., Hamoudi M., Bourouis S., Abtout A., Yizengaw E., Sq solar variation at Medea Observatory (Algeria), from 2008 to 2011, Advances in Space Research 58 (9) 1682-1695 (2016)
Référence ADS : 2016AdSpR..58.1682A

Ashourvan A., Diamond P., Gürcan Ö. D., Transport matrix for particles and momentum in collisional drift waves turbulence in linear plasma devices, Physics of Plasmas 23 022309 (2016)

Ayorinde T. T., Rabiu A. B., Amory-Mazaudier C., Inter-hourly variability of Total Electron Content during the quiet condition over Nigeria, within the Equatorial Ionization Anomaly region, Journal of Atmospheric and Solar-Terrestrial Physics 145 21-33 (2016)
Référence ADS : 2016JASTP.145...21A


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