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All publications of LPP

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Journal article (peer-reviewed)

Aanesland A., Meige A., Chabert P., Electric propulsion using ion-ion plasmas, Journal of Physics : Conference Series 162 012009 (2009)

Allegraud K., Rousseau A., Self synchronization of surface discharges in a two electrodes device, IEEE Transaction on Dielectrics and Electrical Insulation 16 (2) 435-439 (2009)

Amory-Mazaudier C., Gregori G., Schröder W., Introduction to several papers on special section of `The Time Varying Sun', Journal of Atmospheric and Solar-Terrestrial Physics 71 1681-1682 (2009)
Référence ADS : 2009JASTP..71.1681A

Amory-Mazaudier C., Basu S., Bock O., Combrink A., Groves K., Fuller Rowell T., Lassudrie Duchesne P., Petitdidier M., Yizengaw E., International Heliophysical Year: GPS Network in Africa, Earth Moon and Planets 104 263-270 (2009)
Référence ADS : 2009EM&P..104..263A

Amory-Mazaudier C., Legrand J.-P., A comment on the paper 'Solar activity and its influence on climate', Netherlands Journal of Geosciences 88 (3) 177 (2009)

Arantchouk L., Larour J., Absolute Spectral Radiation Measurements From 200-ns 200-kA X-Pinch in 10-eV-10-keV Range With 1-ns Resolution, IEEE Transactions on Plasma Science 37 (4) 575-579 (2009)

Aleksandrov N., Kindysheva S., Kukaev E. N., Starikovskaia S., Starikovskii A., Simulation of the ignition of a methane-air mixture by a high-voltage nanosecond discharge, Plasma Physics Reports 35 (10) 867-882 (2009)

Aleksandrov N., Kindysheva S., Kosarev I., Starikovskaia S., Starikovskii A., Mechanism of ignition by non-equilibrium plasma, Proceedings of the Combustion Institute 32 (1) 205-212 (2009)

Alexandrova O., Saur J., Lacombe C., Mangeney A., Mitchell J., Schwartz S. J., Robert P., Universality of Solar-Wind Turbulent Spectrum from MHD to Electron Scales, Physical Review Letters 103 165003 (2009)
Référence ADS : 2009PhRvL.103p5003A

Andersson L., Ergun R. E., Tao J. B., Roux A., Le Contel O., Angelopoulos V., Bonnell J. W., McFadden J. P., Larson D. E., Eriksson S., Johansson T., Cully C. M., Newman D. N., Goldman M. V., Glassmeier K.-H., Baumjohann W., New Features of Electron Phase Space Holes Observed by the THEMIS Mission, Physical Review Letters 102 225004 (2009)
Référence ADS : 2009PhRvL.102v5004A


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