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Lina Hadid

CNRS Researcher
Space Plasma Team

E-mail : lina.hadid lpp.polytechnique.fr
Office: 03-2008 C
Tel: +33-(0)1-6933 5928
École Polytechnique, route de Saclay, F-91128, Palaiseau, Cedex

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Study of micro and macro-physical processes in space plasmas:

  • Turbulence properties in the solar wind and the planetary magnetosheaths (Mercury, Earth, Jupiter, Saturn).
  • Solar wind acceleration and heating processes.
  • Nature of the plasma waves in different plasma environments and conditions.
  • Electrodynamic interaction between icy moons and gas giants.
  • Dusty plasmas

Study of the Outer planet’s upper atmospheres :

  • Properties of the ionosphere of Saturn (plasma density, temperature,...)
  • Electrodyanmic interaction between the ionosphere of Saturn and its main rings.
  • Wave characteristics
  • Moon - Magnetosphere interaction



 Co-I on MSA (Mass Spectrum Analyser) onboard BepiColombo (ESA/JAXA) mission (2019-present)
 Lead of "BepiColombo Coordinated Observations" Working Group (2020)
 Co-lead of "BepiColombo Cruise Science" Study Group (2020-present)
 Member of BepiColombo’s Young Scientist Study Group (2020-present)
 Member of BepiColombo’s Working Groups: HEWG and Venus WG (2020-present)
 Member of Solar Orbiter (ESA) Working Groups: In-situ Science, Turbulence, Shocks, Large scale structures (2020-present)
 Member of JUICE (ESA) WG3: "Jovian magnetosphere and plasma environment" (2019-present)
 Development of science database/website: "The JUICE Science Website"
 Member of Cassini (NASA) "Radio and Plasma Wave Science" (2013-2019)
 Member of Cassini (NASA) "The Magnetosphere and Plasma Science" (2017-2019)


 Member of Scientific Committee of PNST (CNRS Sun-Earth division, 2020-present)
 LIA-MAGNETO, Plasma processes around Earth and Planetary Magnetospheres, France-Argentina, (2017-present).
 Member of International Space Science Institute (ISSI) Team: "Towards a Unifying Model for Magnetic Depressions in Space Plasmas" (2021)
 Member of International Space Science Institute (ISSI) Team: "A New View of Ring-Planet Interactions From Cassini’s Grand Finale" (2019)


 2019: Examinator of a Master project at Uppsala University
 2018 (6 months): supervisor of Bachelor project at Uppsala University


 Guest editor for a special issue in Frontiers in Physics and in Astronomy and Space Sciences (2020-present)
 Appointed member of the editorial board in Planetary and Space Science (2020-present)
 Reviewer in Geophysical Research Letter, Space Science Review (2018-present)


 Elected member of LPP Council (2020-present)
 Member of LPP "Communication & Outreach" group


 2019-2020: ESA Fellow (European Space Agency)
 2019: Vincenzo Ferraro Prize for young scholars in Space Physics
 2018: ’’NASA Group Achievement Award’’: Cassini Radio and Plasma Wave Science Team.
 2011-2013: Erasmus Mundus "Excellence Scholarship"


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